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Monday, 21. June 2021
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2021-06-08 10:53
Classification and characteristics of shower systems:

1. According to the shape of shower: hand-held shower, shower head and body jet shower.
Hand-held shower: it is the most common https://www.rbrohant.com/collections/shower-systems in daily life, you need to wash the body with your hands, and you can fix the shower on the bracket when you don't use it.
Shower head: the shower is generally installed in a relatively high position, the size is relatively large, this kind of shower is not convenient to move, there is no lifting function, when in use, turn on the switch, people stand under the shower to wash.
Body jet shower: the shower is installed in the wall, it can clean the body from the side, this jet spray also has massage function. At present, the utilization rate of this kind of shower is not high, and many people do not know that it exists.


2. According to the installation height of the shower: concealed installation shower and exposed shower.
Concealed installation shower: this kind of https://www.rbrohant.com/products/brushed-gold-shower-rb0823 installation and maintenance is relatively troublesome, sprinkler pipe is installed in the wall, do not see the vertical pole, only reveal the sprinkler head, concise and beautiful. Installation height: the center of the hidden outlet of the wall is about 2.1 meters from the ground, and the center of the switch is about 1.1 meters from the ground.
Exposed shower: the shower pipe is installed outside the wall, the whole shower is exposed, and the shower rod has the function of lifting and lowering. This kind of shower is convenient to install, and it is also a more common installation method. Installation height: generally, the flowers are spilled out of the water about 2 meters from the ground.

3. According to the mode of effluent:
The most common way to get out of the water is simple and convenient, and the water is sprayed in a natural way.
Massage https://www.rbrohant.com/products/bathroom-shower-faucet-set-rb0712 can concentrate the water flow to the massage water hole, and then pulse out of the water, which can stimulate multiple acupoints of the human body, has a massage effect on the body, and can effectively eliminate fatigue.
The water flow from this way of outlet is more powerful, and the collision between the water flow and the water flow can also produce a foggy effect, which is particularly comfortable to wash on the body.
Air injection technology is used in the bubble outlet mode, and the addition of air makes the area of water spraying larger, so that the water consumption will be reduced relatively, which can achieve the effect of water saving. The bubble-like way of water flushing on the body has a very high sense of comfort, but not every shower can do it. If the water pressure does not reach the strength, it is basically no different from the ordinary shower.
This way of outlet is a bit like the feeling of a humidifier, that is, the water is beaten more finely, like in a water mist, there is not much feeling on the body, but the flushing effect is good.
This kind of outlet way needs to change the outlet hole slightly, directly change the outlet hole into a strip outlet hole, so that the water will become strip, and there will be a little waterfall feeling when flushing.


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