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2018-02-27 09:15
Private turkey tours We wanted to go to a seaside town, which is basically ours. This is the reason why we went to the world famous beach and holiday resort like Bodrum. Of course during the day there are plenty of the marine ... mehr»
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2018-02-25 18:06
Private istanbul tour Pamukkale and İzmir which are the most popular ruins of Anatolia. is in Pamukkale Denizli. As a province of Denizli, hot water is at underground city. I am so surprised to hear that in some villages ... mehr»
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2018-02-22 13:29
Private Cappadocia Tours After a busy trip, we were staying in Bursa. It is already a thermal city of Bursa city. It is a city where winter is very popular thermal truce. We stayed here for 3 days and then we went on. Bursa iskender ... mehr»
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