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2018-02-27 09:15
Private turkey tours

We wanted to go to a seaside town, which is basically ours. This is the reason why we went to the world famous beach and holiday resort like Bodrum. Of course during the day there are plenty of

the marine float which is extremely clean. From here we decided to decide the ancient city of Ephesus. Ephesus is in the religious center. I want to tell you this. Ephesus lies between two hills in the middle. On the hill on the right there are 7 sleepers. This event is told in all religious books. Both the Bible and the Qur'an describe the living. Seven young Roman believers take refuge in this cave to hide from their novel empire. And people fall asleep, and when they wake up, they realize they've had decades. There are even a very modest restaurant and tea garden that makes turkish meals very close to the 7 sleepers. Ephesus and Mary House on the other hill.Already this is called Bulbul Hill. It is on this road and the ruins of Ephesus are very wooded and wooded. At the top of the hill there is a house in the shape of a cross. It is accepted by the Pope as the holy cross place. Here, there is a fountain left from that period. It is thought that the water is flowing through this fountain. Mary was the mother of the prophet, and she lived here because she had escaped from the tyranny of the Roman empire. Ephesus to you http://www.trturkeytours.com/

I was told the religious side of the ruin. now it's the opportunity to visit the ancient Greek city of Ephesus. During this trip we did a private tour with the guide. literally a port city

It is already valuable for being the port city of Ephesus. At that time, transportation is the fastest way by sea. The Limanda is home to some very beautiful fountain temples and Libray.


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