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2015-09-02 01:01
Daily Istanbul Tours

I joined the Private Istanbul Tours, tour with our guide brings together Hippodrome is located in Istanbul Old City. Our tour guide told us about istanbul very detailed history and cultural information. Istanbul is a city where many civilizations. Has been the world capital of culture in 2010. Halkedeo who first settled in the old city area, then the Golden Horn who settled in the region Bzanti'm from Greece, a natural https://www.tranigo.com/en/istanbul inner harbor Golden Horn. Thedorakis time around Istanbul later in paired trans is very large with walls, the city has been very sheltered. Ate to the Roman Empire during the hippodrome has been made and Obelisk from Egypt 2. East Roman emperor era of Kosntant Very large marble on the column, Which konstantina cemberlitas statue. Sultan Suleyman the Hippodrome Ibrahim Pasha Palace restored after the Islamic Museum serves as speciation.


Hippodrome last Ottoman Sultan Abdulhamid as a gift to the German emperor what yaptr German fountain. Hagia Sophia of the most beautiful buildings in the old city, this is a magnificent architectural Which is work of art. In 531 Hagia Sophia what done in a very short period of 5 years. 4 Shot in the interior marble dome over is located in the inner part and justinyen konstantina Jesus was virgin mary and lots of pictures and very nice mosaic manuscript is decorated with calligraphy. Hagia Sophia serves as a museum for the last 50 years. Hagia Sophia Istanbul by Sultan Mehmet in 1453 after conquering the Hagia Sophia into a mosque and what converted 4 minarets are very thin and long. Spice Bazaar is located in a wide variety of Eminand here souvenirs, handicrafts, artifacts, spices, Turkish delight sweets and fruit teas, coffees a bazaar That Sells very authentic.


Bla meq Sultanahmet which was made by the master architect Mehmet Sedefkar. Blue mosque ottoman's most beautiful architectural structures, the Largest mosque in Istanbul. There are pieces of very thin tall minarets. made of a large marble courtyard and a wide variety of flowers in a garden decorated with blue mosque has. Very nice on the inside is decorated with blue tiles. Topkapi palace and administrative center of the Ottoman impoaratorlug a place that's life. Topkapi Palace has a very nice view of the sea and the Bosphorus. Numerous Mansions, Sultan Mehmet Was Made During The Baghdad Kiosk. Harem Sultan. Part of the family and women are having many rooms izmir airport transfers from the hare has a pool in the garden. Has the administrative center of the Ottoman Empire Room. The vaults of the World's Largest diamond ruby ​​and emerald diamond and gold and silver ware sultans are exhibited.




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