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2018-01-25 09:15
Why everyone is using WPC floor

Why everyone is using WPC floor

WPC flooring is made of wood-plastic composite floor, with the same wood processing characteristics, the use of ordinary tools can be sawing, drilling, nailing, very convenient, can be used like ordinary wood. At the same time with the wood texture and plastic water-resistant anti-corrosion properties, making it an excellent performance and very durable outdoor waterproof corrosion-resistant building materials.[url=http://indolights.in/build/306.html]glitter tile flooring in qatar[/url]

Is the so-called public mouth difficult tone, Wupu floor can leap into the mainstream industry, sought after by all enterprises and consumers, and its superior performance is inseparable from the relationship. First, WPC flooring has excellent physical properties such as good strength, high hardness, non-slip, wear resistance, insecticidal resistance, anti-aging, thermal insulation and flame retardancy. [url=http://indolights.in/floor/2556.html]diy wpc deck bench finland[/url]Secondly, WPC flooring not only has the natural appearance of wood And texture, there is better than the stability of wood; Third, the wood floor with sawing, planing, bonding of the secondary processing of wood; Fourth, is the most important point, Wulianmu not only not Release harmful substances cause air pollution, but also one hundred percent recycling, environmental performance is very superior. [url=http://indolights.in/case/4104.html]wood floor thermal properties[/url]


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