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2005-04-14 14:31
I've tried to fly...
I've tried to fly, I had no wings,
I've tried to see, my eyes were blind,
I tried to feel, but I was broken-hearted,
I've tried to understand, couldn't find the answer

So why did I try so hard,
For that nothing will be the way it was before
Just why did it come to such a crying end?

I lay on my bed imaging your hands on my skin,
I want to feel you, you're just too far away.
Everything here reminds on you,
And pictures of you are flickering in front of my eyes.
It is hard letting you go,
But I know, memories just can't die.

Moments of emotion & sadness,
My heart driven by desires blind.
I just can't help the feeling,
Cause I feel that love's stronger than pride.

"Keep the faith" that's what you told me,
"Only one last kiss" said your lovin' voice.
"It's better this way" were my answers.
But is that what I really feel?
Is that what I really want?

Should I go to heaven and feel the love?
Or should I go to hell and feel fire?
Should I leave or should I stay?
I cannot find an answer
And if I try, it is in vain.

So first you stole my soul, than u broke my heart!
What can I do to start anew?
Maybe I'll go away,
Maybe you’ll reach out your hands…
And there’ll be passion deep within again…



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