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2017-12-19 13:50
real blue laser pointer high power astronomy laser

Not long ago, some travelers experienced intense laser interference in airplane gatherings. At that time, in the evening, passengers Qingdao and dalian fly. When more than 10 minutes after takeoff, the plane has already climbed to 3100 meters, a heap of clear the height of the green light to the earth, passed quickly crossed flat. But soon the green beam and the bottom of the device, and constantly surrounding the body fragments. The https://www.kitlaser.com/blue-laser-pointers.html is cheap when the client tries to use a camera to shoot a beam of light that is scanned into the eye to stimulate the camera, and the appearance of the flower appears in about a minute. Beam intensity and exposure height, it is a green high power laser range is 1MW.

The laser pointer represents the "laser pointer", also known as "feather starfish", "laser pen", and so on, according to different wavelength can be divided into red, yellow, green, blue, violet and so on the current common market has red laser pen and green laser pen. A powerful laser is known to have a green laser wavelength of 532 nanometers, the light road is stable, it can focus a few kilometers, and it is used as a tool to locate astronomy and astronomy teaching, and the 5mw laser pen is usually a tour of the museum and all kinds of fair tenses, as a reminder of the on-site inspections, classroom teaching, travel travel.

[1] but ever since the dawn of professional laser pen "work", green laser pens became toys. In addition, the lower the price, the more and more power of the laser pointer.
https://www.kitlaser.com/powerful-burning-laser-pointer-pen.html are becoming more common in the market, lack of supervision, and more and more people regard it as a toy, no pedestrian lighting, and even the safety of flying vehicles on high-altitude flights is a serious threat. At the end of April, a few kilometers from the side of the airport, the China aviation newspaper found a number of high-power laser Pointers. An air launched with red or green emission as a laser pointer with a range of more than 4000 meters.

At present there are many online green laser power indicator, but not all can with lighting, the balloon burst or insulating tape cutting to match. So far, this high-power laser design requires a lot of energy. If you want to buy a green laser, so you need to remember something.

Now, some people may underestimate belong to the energy of the laser pointer, because they think the time of the laser pointer is used to point to the small equipment. They don't understand how the laser designators offered now can pump a considerable amount of energy into a laser diode. Due to the issue of intense laser equipment, people have found many uses for the object of this age.

If classrooms and workplaces often use laser indicators to set instructions and demonstrations in enclosed Spaces, high power laser indicators can even do more today. You can now enjoy in any target audience demonstration pointer, even in the sports stadiums or in the field. This could be a remote beam belonging to a pointer, allowing anyone to perform a phase on a distant object.

If you feel comfortable lighting or long afterglow, you should take simple steps to avoid direct laser. Fortunately, even in the case of such a bright glass, the continuous https://www.kitlaser.com/1000mw-laser-pointer-blue-red-green-beam.html damage report is very rare.
All three of the performances in recent decades have been foolishly illegal digital pulsed lasers. All three incidents resulted in about 50 injuries. However, all responsible laser operators know that they should not use pulsed lasers to digitize audiences.

It was also a hearing injury report, originally attributed to the laser show, which was proved irresponsible by members of the audience who abused the laser pointer. If you are interested in this topic, you can get more information about the audience digitizing files.

If your eyes are exposed to the beam's powerful green laser, don't worry too much. The beam in the eye creates temporary glare and debris. This is not a harm. Instead, it's a normal reaction to too bright light. This is similar to what happens when you search directly in the camera flash. The persistent image area looks like a speck, and if you look directly in the light, it can still be as independent as a point or a line, if it's in the eye movement of exposure.

Sometimes people are amazed by the https://www.kitlaser.com/bright-astronomy-laser-pointers.html reports that the body reacts to the sensation of "beating" or dizziness. They may have a headache later. They can report more light sensitivity. They may also have tears in their eyes or report dry eyes.

A "corneal abrasion" may sometimes be found after exposure. Because a very powerful laser is visible through the cornea and not being absorbed.
So, you have to rub your eyes after the event, so you have to expose a bright, visible laser to avoid rubbing your eyes. If you are watering, you can gently wipe with a tissue.





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