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2018-12-05 07:42
ll the video conferences

gliveapp Like any other respectable group video chat app, gliveapp was launched as a voice chat app. However, it was later updated and the video conferencing feature was included. Besides other apps, gliveapp can provide a video connection with a person who's using other app, for a small fee.

Still, all the video conferences between the gliveapp users are completely free. The connection is also encrypted, and even though it doesn't look like, this app can be used for formal purposes. Viber can be downloaded from both Apple Store and Google Play, completely free of charge.

Having a mobile group https://www.gliveapp.com/ is a must-be nowadays. It will make every video chat simpler, allowing you to connect to your partners, from virtually any place. Make sure to analyze all the available apps, and choose the one that suits you best, and comes with the cheapest price.


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2018-12-05 07:42