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2010-07-09 08:53
Do you know yet?

The daily laughter was natural for us. Under a false smile, we could not imagine anything.
A headache tablet. Before we had something like respect. And today? Today we take the hardest drugs. We smoke pot, drink & smoke. What are we merely become a youth.
Violence has become part of everyday life. Sad, but true.
Friendliness. Listened to a hundred years of everyday life. Now it is pure coincidence if someone we sometimes stops the door.
People, you alone can not change the world.
But you can do something about it.
Makes it better than everyone thinks.
Set it in surprise.
Show them that we are not only of the opposite sex, make-up, parties, alcohol, drugs & sex think.
Shows that it has been different.
Destroy all prejudices.
Because we are different than any other. ♥


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2010-07-09 08:53