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2018-10-08 11:49
Application of Laser Cleaning Laser cleaning technology is a new cleaning technology developed in the past 10 years. It replaces the traditional cleaning process in many fields with its irreplaceable advantages such as no grinding, ... mehr»
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2017-12-26 13:53
Laser Quenching Technology and Application Analysis Laser quenching technology is the use of focused laser beam rapid heating of the surface of steel materials, so that the phase transition occurs, the formation of martensite hardened layer process. Laser ... mehr»
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2017-03-23 13:47
3D Printing Technology 3D printing is just one of the fast-growing technologies that makes real life look like a few years ago in science fiction. Recently, a company has created a new 3D 100mw laser pointer printing technology, ... mehr»
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2005-08-24 01:15
Two is just a concept Bertrand Russell, one of the greatest mathematicians of our age, and perhaps of all ages, has written a book, PRINCIPIA MATHEMATICA. It takes him two hundred and fifty pages to go into the question, whether ... mehr»
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2004-09-17 21:48
A Modern Craft Fairy-Tale Once upon a time, there were two Witches. One was a Feminist Witch and the other was a Traditionalist Witch. And, although both of them were deeply religious, they had rather different ideas about what ... mehr»
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2004-08-30 14:00
A neverending dream, a dream of you "I`m waiting for the night drifting away On the waves of my dreams to another day. I`m standing on the heel and be in the clouds. The wind`s blowing still and catching my doubts. A neverending dream, ... mehr»
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