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2017-12-19 13:50
real blue laser pointer high power astronomy laser Not long ago, some travelers experienced intense laser interference in airplane gatherings. At that time, in the evening, passengers Qingdao and dalian fly. When more than 10 minutes after takeoff, the ... mehr»
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2017-08-07 10:39
a lot of high power laser pen sells The http://www.kitlaser.com/green-laser-pointer-pen.html with its powerful and brightest laser beam, and usually higher power green laser indicators can always make their jets still visible ... mehr»
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2017-07-25 14:23
laser pointer sale in kitlaser There are quite a few targets 60-100 kW http://www.kitlaser.com/red-laser-pointer-pen-for-sale.html could be used to degrade or defeat, including rockets, artillery rounds, some missiles, UAVs ... mehr»
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