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2017-10-09 13:19
drone jammer power gsm wifi cell phone

Minister of national education, who has just swept the Congressman's proposal, suggested that he install a laptop jammer in school. Why is that? Because contrary to the postal and electronic communications code, Vincent Peillon believes.

UMP MP Philippe Meunier told a parliamentary question in September last year that "mobile phones may (... ) to be abused by students. Elected officials to education minister Vincent she never explained: "in addition to the often mentioned problem (send and receive calls and class time, the problem of extortion), they can also be used to cheat during the test, the pictures in the classroom, immediately spread on social network, browse the Internet without control... ".The diagnosis, he says, is a "necessity" : installing http://www.jammer-buy.com/gsm-jammer/c-26.html, which is designed to prevent mobile phones from being caught at school. No network, no communication, this is any use. Believe that teachers can "claiming to enjoy the same as the entertainment of the audience or comedian respect", Philippe Meunier asked Vincent Peillon whether can be installed in a "approval in the enterprise the GSM jamming device like the theatre or cinema".

Most importantly, grennel argued that the "postal communications act" of l33-3-1 prohibits "the use of any device intended to make all types of electronic communication devices useless, and transmission is only used for receiving". However, this article provides an exception: "public order, national defence and national security or judicial public service". Question: "there is no mention of schools in this exhaustive list," said the minister, who was freed from MP Meunier's suggestion.Like ministers, "Grenelle II of the environment" is banned from using (and not owning) mobile phones in schools and colleges. The "education law" section l511-5 stipulates that "in kindergartens, primary schools and colleges, where any teaching activities and procedures are required, the students will use them and the mobile phone is prohibited". Vincent peon, in this regard, said: "the school authorities have decided that the internal rules stipulate that students should not use the telephone."

After nearly two months of waiting, parliament has just received a reply from the minister of national education. The latter notified him that there was no question of installing such a device. Vincent peon explains that education has reflected the possible installation of a http://www.jammer-buy.com/cell-phone-jammer/c-24.html. Results: "if this solution was proved to be a means to prevent the telephone communication, however, given its influence, people are dissatisfied with the electromagnetic launch has certain, especially those" interference "real or supposed health".

. Results: "if this solution was proved to be a means to prevent the telephone communication, however, given its influence, people are dissatisfied with the electromagnetic launch has certain, especially those" interference "real or supposed health".

But the ban, in the name of precautionary principles, is often ineffective. O the senator Ryan dart to offend and have a little more than a year, it is a pity that the article did not identify whether he will come back to the teacher must respect the law and criminals may risk (especially parents) in the case of infringement. These inaccuracies lead to the inapplicability of such measures, "he was shocked. The then education minister, Luc Chatel, had already answered him, just like Vincent Peillon, within the framework of the internal rules, to solve the problem by various agencies. "Some regulations allow for confiscation. In cases of repeated violations and reoffending, sanctions can be imposed with penalties or even punitive sanctions. An unsatisfactory explanation of Alan duford: "sitting on the school board, I know that making rules is very difficult and punishing them for their violations."

The 101m-3 mobile phone is equipped with GPS signal jammer, the power is large, the weight is light, the coverage range is 101m-3 mobile portable satellite GPS signal truncation device is our factory's current satellite positioning diffusion (automotive positioning, mobile phone, Google network positioning, etc.), which is designed and manufactured for the GPS satellite positioning system, which is specially designed and manufactured for the safety unit and the individual's shortcomings, and USES this product to intercept the GPS satellite signal efficiently in radius 15m range, so your place need not worry about being followed.

If you're looking for an effective jam unit, all the phone's 2G 3G 4G LTE wimax wifi signal in the room exam room, church.If you're looking for an effective jam unit, all 2G 3G 4G LTE wimax http://www.jammer-buy.com/wifi-jammer/c-29.html in the room, church, temple, gas station, car, train, or a lot of other, portable high-power jammers that definitely fit all the applications. As a design and reliability level jammer, users can get more choices, where to get stuck and where to use jammers.

Law enforcement agencies, the spy even vulgar man can be in your office or home to install a microphone or hidden camera, use WiFi link to watch and listen to whatever you do or say. WiFi and bluetooth can not only use 2.4 GHz frequencies, but also drones and drones. So, using a single device like a wi-fi jammer, you can limit intruders.Our wi-fi scrambler with a sj-004g frequency control cell phone will help prevent cell phone listening to the threat of listening to a phone that can only listen to a few metres of conversation, or wi-fi or bluetooth.

Incredibly easy to use, just open it and it will immediately start blocking CDMA, GSM, DCS and 3G to keep your immediate environment free of boredom.Antennas - the internal antennae are always connected, so you can turn on the phone jammer at any time to be a beehive, not needing to look after the antennae, not the regular http://www.jammer-buy.com/drone-jammer/c-32.html.Algiers education director Noureddine Khaldi Sunday reported that using mobile scrambler equipment and smart phone usage testing theme to send or receive respond via the Internet, said tests under normal conditions; At the capital level.In the final declaration of the opening of the 2016 conference of mohandmokhbi (kuba), a high school math student, the APS, m. halliday, said the incident took place in a normal situation; The review takes drastic measures to deal with any fraud by setting up a jamming device and checking a smartphone to send a subject or receive a response at the test center level.




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