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2016-01-10 10:50
Embracing the solitude I am alone, but I am not lonely. It is just me. It is me in the morning, me after work, me at night. Me on every day off. Just me. I know it is scary for some people. Doing everything alone, having ... mehr»
Vor 7 Jahren - von Bunny_Hop (DE) - 2 Kommentare
2015-12-19 12:29
I have everything I wanted - but I wanted all the wrong things. How to find love? By getting to know yourself, I guess. So what are my core values? What makes me happy? What are my emotional needs? I'd like to say honesty, but I am not sure if honesty is a super ... mehr»
Vor 7 Jahren - von Bunny_Hop (DE) - 1 Kommentar
2015-12-13 11:44
The Big O I should have been honest about that one. Should, should, should… But then again, who wants to be honest about such an intimate thing? Who wants to talk about the problem to relax, enjoy, give in and ... mehr»
Vor 7 Jahren - von Bunny_Hop (DE) - 1 Kommentar
2015-12-11 12:46
Sand everywhere Work is hard, but work is also fun. It was difficult at the beginning, when you were training. But being on your own again made you remember within seconds. You know what you are doing and you are good ... mehr»
Vor 7 Jahren - von Bunny_Hop (DE) - 1 Kommentar
2015-11-27 13:04
Reclaim yourself Apparently reclaiming yourself is an important step after a trauma. Sometimes you even have to start in the childhood, the shrink on BBC health says in his talkshow, to rebuild the person, the values ... mehr»
Vor 7 Jahren - von Bunny_Hop (DE) - 1 Kommentar
2015-11-24 12:08
Just be He asked me to marry him. And it should have been a dream come true. It is what my best friend is waiting for with her own partner. It is what everybody is expecting of us. It certainly is what our parents ... mehr»
Vor 7 Jahren - von Bunny_Hop (DE) - 1 Kommentar
2011-11-12 15:06
Happy ever after You are sick. At least you feel so. It's a feeling in the stomach, maybe in your heart. Maybe it's boredom, possibly the work. You work a lot, turned into a workaholic. But than again, you've always been ... mehr»
Vor 11 Jahren - von Bunny_Hop (DE) - 1 Kommentar
2010-12-28 21:15
Zeit Zeit ist vergangen. Nicht nur eine Stunde oder ein Tag. Sondern mehrere Tage, Monate, ja sogar mehr als ein Jahr. Dein letzter Eintrag "Prolongation", though it no longer is. Everything is set now, not ... mehr»
Vor 12 Jahren - von Bunny_Hop (DE) - 2 Kommentare
2009-09-26 hh:mm
Reveleations He knows it - knows it all. He even knows more than you knew. He claims to have checked out the swing, but reality is - he hasn't. Just one guy got the pleasure of that 'tool' and that was the guy who ... mehr»
Vor 12 Jahren - von Bunny_Hop (DE) - 1 Kommentar
2009-09-21 hh:mm
Truth to be told Another weekend, another meeting - though meeting isn't the best word to describe what you've experienced. The word meeting is somehow interlinked to business, strangers and no fun, but you had fun, you ... mehr»
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