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2020-01-27 14:04
What Spy Cameras You Must Know

Types of spy cameras you need to know

We live in today's world, but no one wants to take advantage of the opportunity to be stolen, deceived, or unfairly charged. But from past experience, no matter where you are in the world, this type of game seems to have certain risks. This is usually where spy mini camera mail order and spy equipment play a role. Capturing the perpetrators in the video is essential for protection, prevention, and legal effectiveness, and these gadgets will definitely protect us and our families from malicious attacks.

Spy cameras can generally be divided into four types. In these categories, you can find hundreds of different models in each category, do not confuse with surveillance cameras. . Let's take a quick look at these types of spy cameras and their features.

Wear spy camera

What is the camera that many people wear today and how is it different from a regular hidden camera? Body-worn cameras are small wearable cameras that record video and audio in a more discrete and secret way. These cameras are carefully designed and camouflaged to integrate with everyday items of clothing and items such as USB flash drives, glasses and watches. These are now spy cameras and can be recorded with the push of a button. What makes a camera better? You can start and stop recording secretly with little care. Generally, you cannot use flashing lights, beeps, etc. during recording.

Now, another important factor is the choice of which camera to carry. First, you need to understand the capabilities of the camera. You need to consider battery life, storage time, resolution, date and time stamp, field of view, and what's clearly hidden in the camera. The first thing you need to ask yourself is, depending on the device, how long it takes to record before you need to charge the battery or clear the device's memory. Most on-body cameras run in 15 to 120 minutes, some even longer. Therefore, knowing how long it will take to actually use them at once greatly narrows down the options.

A high-resolution body-mounted camera is ideal, but some of these hidden pen cameras only offer standard resolution. Another thing to consider is the field of view recorded by the camera. Most manufacturers don't list the camera's point of view in their spec sheets, so in most cases watching a demo video about the camera is the only real way. camera. Watch the camera demonstration video and select some simple details to understand how the camera records sharp images (standard or high resolution) and capture wide or narrow fields in a realistic way I can do it.

Currently, when using the time and date stamp feature, the camera only needs to stamp the time and date on the image as a record, which can be important depending on how it is used. You can easily ignore these features if you don't use them in courts or lawsuits. If necessary, date and time stamps are a fairly common feature of most recordings, so you need to double-check them before purchasing. If you want to stay undiscovered, it is important to choose the right design. It is important to choose something that you can carry every day, such as pens and glasses. Therefore, select the equipment in advance, such as 1-2 weeks ago. This only gives you enough time to practice starting and stopping the camera, and more importantly, making money.






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