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Sunday, 29. November 2020
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2020-07-29 10:54
The drone jammer you have to know

Drone brings us a lot of fun, but also destroyed our daily life. Ubiquitous noise harassment and spy camera, even weapons. More and more areas are using drone technology, but not everyone is using it in the right place. Some people might use the device to do something illegal.

In order to protect your daily life from being disturbed, we recommend that you use the drone jammer. This device can not only blocker with the general 2.4Ghz radio frequency, but also can jam the latest 5.8 Ghz radio frequency. This type of jammer's block range up to 1500 meters, and even high-altitude UAV can be shot down.

They will often look very similar to guns and operate by projecting the jammer signal in the shape of a cone of about 15-30 degrees. When a drone gets hit with the jammer’s signal, the most common response is for the drone to return back to its point of origin (Unless GPS is also jammed), giving the jammer operator the option to track the drone back to the pilot. In other cases, a drone jammer may cause the drone to land on the spot in order to conduct a forensic investigation.

The heavy-duty drone jammers on the market can work from up to several kilometers away and are increasingly more effective as the pilot’s remote gets further from the drone. This technology is actually a win-win for both pilots and controlling agencies as it presents far less risk than other drone countermeasures, and allows in most situations for the pilot’s drone to remain unharmed.

Since drone jamming is limited legally to the federal government, the current applications of the technology are being reserved for high profile events and within operations directly related to the secret service and military. One of the first public statements made in regards to signal jamming and government safety occurred back in 2015 after a drone crash landed on the white house lawn.Therefore, they will also be used as military jammers.

Military jammer is essential for modern warfare, and almost every country's main combat unit is equipped. The main purpose of military jamming equipment is to face threats and terrorist attacks. During the Iraq War, those jammers proved incredibly important in stripping insurgents of their most powerful weapon—the IED. A new generations of jammers were introduced too, they could cover a broad range of frequencies and perform specific "set-on" jamming which mean that "rather than confuse a receiver with a modified version of its own signal, in jamming responses, designed to fool very specific devices." And as jammers got better, the insurgents in Iraq largely abandoned the use of IEDs and deaths from IEDs dropped. The use of such equipment greatly improved the survivability of soldiers.


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2020-07-29 10:54