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Wednesday, 17. October 2018

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viele gl. Ereignisse
2010-06-01 23:33
Dear D Dear D, sometimes I'm thinking about breaking up with you. It fills me with so much pain it's unreal, I can literally feel my heart becoming heavier in my chest. I try to hold back the tears and I fail, ... mehr»
Vor 8 Jahren - von Pure (DE) - 1 Kommentar
2008-02-10 09:08
The sunshine of a new day shines upon... ... my face. :) > When the sun goes down The future's looking bright When all is said and done And tomorrow has begun Remember today is now yesterday ... When tomorrow comes < passt genau zu ... mehr»
Vor 11 Jahren - von Rain (DE) - 3 Kommentare
2007-04-23 16:21
Better than me I think you can do much better than me After all the lies that I made you believe guilt kicks in and I start to see The edge of the bed Where your nightgown used to be ... mehr»
Vor 11 Jahren - von Mystic (DE) - 1 Kommentar
2007-04-14 11:20
Learning from the guilt In life we are left with a choice. Either let the guilt throw you back into the behaviour that got you into trouble in the first place, or learn from the guilt ... mehr»
Vor 12 Jahren - von Bunny_Hop (DE) - 1 Kommentar
2006-07-03 22:33
maln liedtext hier rein kritzel so was für die lyriker unter euch*fg* Jack off Jill- cinnamon spider A witch will burn when she's thrown into the fire Not her she'll peel and writhe but never expire She crawls on webs of lies I die ... mehr»
Vor 12 Jahren - von dunkleRose (DE) - Kommentieren
2006-05-05 18:56
Cry I have seen peace. I have seen pain, Resting on the shoulders of your name. Do you see the truth through all their lies? Do you see the world through troubled eyes? And if you want to talk about it anymore, ... mehr»
Vor 12 Jahren - von BlueMonday (DE) - Kommentieren
2006-02-09 21:36
HOW TO STAY YOUNG From: "Karen" To: Subject: How to stay young HOW TO STAY YOUNG 1. Throw out nonessential numbers. This includes age, weight and height. Let the doctors worry about them. That is why you pay them. ... mehr»
Vor 13 Jahren - von I (DE) - Kommentieren
2005-12-28 21:49
The Kinslayer Nightwish The Kinslayer For whom the gun tolls for whom the prey weeps bow before a war call it religion Some wounds never heal some tears never will dry for the unkind cry for mankind Even the dead ... mehr»
Vor 13 Jahren - von Sariah (DE) - 2 Kommentare
2005-10-05 20:49
TAO SEXUAL YOGA "A man may attain health and longevity if he practices an ejaculation frequency of twice monthly or 24 times in a year. If at the same time he pays careful attention to proper diet and exercise he will ... mehr»
Vor 13 Jahren - von tao (DE) - Kommentieren
2005-06-04 23:31
guilty conscience //guilty Conscience Heard the silent Sound today? Swallows Pride, brings Fear its way. Soft Whispers in your deepest thought, Cruel Pictures in your dreams they brought. ... mehr»
Vor 13 Jahren - von grummel (DE) - Kommentieren
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