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Monday, 25. September 2017

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viele gl. Ereignisse
2017-09-23 05:27
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2017-08-26 11:02
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2017-08-07 10:39
a lot of high power laser pen sells The Link its powerful and brightest laser beam, and usually higher power green laser indicators can always make their jets still visible ... mehr»
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2017-08-01 12:36
Years Quiet, Shallow Words Enron Early winter season, listening to the rain quiet meditation Jane this life feel, half from the bitter music, conform to the causal cycle of good fortune. Day cold, when ... mehr»
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2017-06-03 08:23
4G replica Hublot Watch product Headlined by Android Dress in two.0, this feature-packed look at debuts the long-overdue update to Google's virtually three-year aged wearables software package. Whatever you get is actually a cleaner, ... mehr»
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2017-03-05 21:39
I feel again Versuche endlich MICH wieder zu finden, möchte mich wieder fühlen Spüren was ICH möchte und MIR gut tut, Möchte MEIN Leben leben und nicht das, was „sinnvoll“ für mich wäre… Sinnvoll ... mehr»
Vor 7 Monaten - von blueangel (DE) - Kommentieren
2017-02-16 21:56
Vielleicht mögen wir uns Vielleicht mögen wir uns weil wir uns wenig kennen Aber vielleicht weil wir uns viel fühlen Vielleicht klopft unser Herz weil wir unsicher sind voreinander Aber vielleicht klopft es weil es klüger ... mehr»
Vor 7 Monaten - von blueangel (DE) - 1 Kommentar
2017-02-16 20:41
You think it rains hearts You think it rains hearts And everything gets better, but then You feel it raining in your heart What should I do? Drop it or take it off And repair it again. You think ... mehr»
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2017-01-24 21:27
i need you I need you I wish you always to be happy I wish you always a life in peace. I wish you whatever you want I wish you can feel love without pain I wish you knew how much ... mehr»
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2017-01-22 20:01
Heaven in my soul Heaven in my soul There is a fire in my soul There is a fire in my heart On earth i will live – forever I will be in heaven. I’m not a Angel But I’m a strong Woman, And I will fly to the sky, ... mehr»
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