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2017-08-26 04:34
DISCOUNT PATEK PHILIPPE CALATRAVA 4895R-001 REPLICA WATCH copy PATEK PHILIPPE Grand Complications watches   TAG HEUER in FORMULA E EPRIX   2017 FIA Formula E Qualcomm NYC ePrix proved that even the world's most sought-after city can also embrace the ... mehr»
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2017-03-22 05:46
Sending two ultrashort laser pulses The new Link systems combine the ease-of-use and ruggedness of distributed-feedback diodes.Htpow has more than ... mehr»
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2016-11-24 10:38
The Application of Laser in Dental Pulp Diseases 60 years of the 20th century, with the advent of ruby ​​laser, laser irradiation on the oral tissue caused by the great interest of oral scholars. In 1971, the laser ... mehr»
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2016-10-18 08:49
The History of Laser Display Technology 1960, Lasers conceptual stage, gaseous lasers.In the 1960s, Theodore H.Maiman and his successful high power laser pointer launcher made headlines around the world. Early gas lasers, with helium-neon lasers ... mehr»
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2014-03-04 14:18
...Der Tag der Pfannkuchen...vs Fat tuesday... Heute ist der Tag der Pfannkuchen...aber in Schweden ist auch ein Tag wo an dieses suesses Gebaeck essen kann,mit Sahne und Marzipan...  Quote>Fat Tuesday – time for semla! "Today is Fettisdagen ... mehr»
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2008-11-12 17:19
Listen Hey, aaah war das heut geiiiil! Ich habe bis um 3 gepennt und ich wollte es nicht anders! Gestern Abend habe ich noch ein wenig geschrieben und ich muss sagen, es wurde eine Lustige Szene als Laurentius ... mehr»
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2006-07-17 19:42
the possible location of Atlantis From ancient times, scholars have written books about Atlantika, the mysterious island that according to Plato’s dialogues Timaeus and Critias was submerged in the span ‘of a single day and night’. ... mehr»
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2006-03-11 19:23
Sirius B wasn't photographed until 1970 :- In Mali, West Africa, lives a tribe of people called the Dogon. The Dogon are believed to be of Egyptian decent and their astronomical lore goes back thousands of years to 3200 BC. According to their ... mehr»
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2006-01-05 11:05
Sleeping Sun Sleeping Sun The sun is sleeping quietly Once upon a century Wistful oceans calm and red Ardent caresses laid to rest For my dreams I hold my life For wishes I behold ... mehr»
Vor 13 Jahren - von DarkOwl (DE) - 1 Kommentar
2005-10-23 00:54
God is not even a hypothesis Have you ever heard that in Jaina mythology Krishna is still in hell for teaching that philosophy to Arjuna and creating the greatest war in Indian history? After this war, India could never recover -- ... mehr»
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