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Sunday, 17. February 2019
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2019-02-02 09:48
How To Clean The Wig Of Your Sex Doll If you have already bought a female love doll, would you like to dress it up? Different wigs will show different styles and temperament to your doll. However, the wig also needs attention and cleaning. ... mehr»
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2019-01-23 13:34
How To Take Care of Sex Dolls Without Damaging Them? Your lovely TPE love doll finally appears! You now need to learn how to move her without hurting her. You also need to know how to take care of your sexual doll. She is not so fragile, but you need to ... mehr»
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2019-01-04 08:15
If Love Doll Can Substitute A Real Love Is this a big problem that loving a doll can replace real love? The answer to this question depends on TPE love doll users, but to some extent such dolls can give you sexual pleasure and evoke your sexual ... mehr»
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2018-12-19 08:33
Life Size sex dolls Add spark to your monotonous life Have you been to a doll like life? Otherwise, you are actually missing something fun and exciting. While buying a lovely doll, face the fact that all buyers have their own whims and hobbies so that they ... mehr»
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2018-11-12 14:04
Purchase Most Effective Sex Dolls from Professional Online Site Do you wish to enjoy sex without a partner? Later, tpe love doll is the best option for you. If they choose to withdraw one to your house, the opportunity to pass a big chance of their most recent propulsion ... mehr»
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