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2017-04-20 02:27
Laser Marking Machine Carving

Carbon fiber thermoplastic composites (CFRTP) has the characteristics of high strength, corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance and good heat resistance. It is an important material for lightweight manufacturing. It has wide application prospect in aerospace and new energy vehicles. Achieving high quality connections between CFRTP materials and CFRTP and metal materials is a key technology for their applications. Laser connection technology has the characteristics of fast speed, high strength, vibration stress and flexible process. It has advantages in the connection of CFRTP and metal material with cementing and mechanical connection.


The influence of interface state on the quality of CFRTP / stainless steel blue laser pointer connection was studied by means of laser direct connection technology. The connection mechanism and failure mechanism of CFRTP / stainless steel were studied. At the same time, the defect control technology was explored Based on the thermal conductivity of CFRTP / stainless steel, the thermal model of laser connection is established. The finite element method is used to simulate the thermal effect of the connection. It is found that the model can accurately characterize the effect of fixture pressure on laser connection quality , Compared with the traditional mathematical model can effectively improve the accuracy of thermal effect simulation.


The laser pulse emitted by the lidar sensor can be reflected by the object, thereby enabling the driver to drive the vehicle around the surrounding environment. Many experts in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles believe that laser radar sensors and cameras and radar are the same, are very important parts. Currently on the market for unmanned vehicles, 20000mw laser pointer radar sensor, is from the automatic development of the hardware from the car. They are limited in the scope of observation and resolution, can not guarantee the safety of unmanned vehicles. LIDAR sensors can only observe objects within 100 meters. Manufacturers should focus on improving the performance of radar sensors, rather than lower prices so that the price of unmanned vehicles more close to the people. Because with the price reduction, the performance of the car will decline.


Laser marking for sample marking what benefits: if the marker is not because of environmental concerns (touch, acidity and reducing gas, high temperature and low temperature) and subsided; using laser marking marking technology carved out is not easy to copy and change, has the very strong security to a certain extent; 10000mw laser pointer marking is in the processing of non mechanical way, can be marked on the printing surface of any regular or irregular, and marking the workpiece does not produce internal stress, ensuring the accuracy of the workpiece. No corrosion on the working surface, no poison, no pollution. Laser processing methods can be used for a variety of metal, non-metallic materials processing; laser marking machine engraved fine grain pattern, the minimum line width up to 0.04mm. Marked clear, durable, beautiful. Laser marking can meet the need of large amounts of data in a printed plastic minimum; marking speed and marking a molding, low energy consumption, and low operation cost; the marking process can be completed in a few seconds; development speed.


Compared with the traditional laser marking machine carving, chemical corrosion, screen printing, printing ink etc., has the advantages of low cost, high flexibility, computer control system, and the laser beam on the workpiece surface generated by the strong permanent marker is its outstanding characteristic. So whether it is a laser marking machine or CO2 laser marking machine is a symbol of modern social development and progress, but also a breakthrough in the new field of the 500mw laser pointer industry.


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