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Wednesday, 19. December 2018
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2018-01-10 11:48
gps jammer for car cell phone for home

The first batch of GPS jammers must be used in all fields, especially in the automotive field.

The Link easy to order from the Internet, privacy protection, to prevent others from tracking and other functions, with a minimum price of only 33 dollars online.

Some say GPS jammer is harmful to social security, and in some factories, the output of the products use is limited, so it is easy to buy online, but the market flow does not produce these products.

Some people think these products are beneficial and should have the right of purchase. For example, vips can prevent these products from being illegally tracked.

Transportation often USES GPS tracking devices to track deployment, and GPS interference prevents owners from monitoring their work.

Offenders may interfere with the tracking of vehicle theft, and foreign criminals monitoring hardcore GPS can also interfere with tracking products.

In general, because the power system of GPS broadcast signal is very small, some normal power devices can support the work of GPS jammers without increasing power. Some important people need to use such jammers to ensure the absolute safety of their travel.

Frequently asked questions

1. Why should the scope and characteristics of the description be different from that of the buttons?

Answer: the range of the protective cover related to the strong field magnetic field, the distance between the relevant communication stations. In general, this is 200 meters high. Manufacturers are testing the general case, the shield will be a bit out of reach.

2. Is Link to human experience?

For radiation, as long as there is radiation of the size of the electronics. Any electrical appliance will have radiation. Just as we used to use cell phones every day to fight the inevitable next ear, it would be radioactive, the country had to set up a standard cell phone radiation, radiation and our cell phone shielding the rest of the signal from far below the national standard, and every day, there was no time to count the ears, so the human body had almost nothing to do with it.
Why are some phones unable to protect the signal jammer?

Power distribution block signal from the examination room, may have a weak spot, the shielding effect of these places is hurt. The sensitivity of the receiver is different. The frequency of the signal can be protected and the frequency of the phone is not in the interference filter in the band.

Why are cell phone signals still blocking?

The illusion is actually that the phone is offline and that the phone jammer blocks any phone from the outside world.

5. Why does the interference interfere with the long use of short distance?

The jammer itself generates a lot of heat, which causes heat, and the effect of natural interference is shorter. It is recommended that the Link not continue to work.

In mature European markets, pressure from regulators has led to lower terminal rates for mobile networks used by operators, but at the same time offering unlimited discounts and technological advances to the market. SIM multiplexing, for example, also significantly reduces the cost of a SIM box currently close to zero. This means that even in the case of two or three cents per minute, well-organized arbitrageurs still have a small space to fall. Mobile operators must continue to monitor developments to ensure that interconnections are not too fast: detection of phone calls can cost thousands of euros in car interference and 4G phone jammers. Millions of euros by subtracting them from fraud and greed!

For the mosque imams, what happens inside the walls only involves loyal, pious muslims. So in order to prevent the sermon on the phone and spread outside the walls, imams decided to get rid of the ban on jamming the mosque. Car jammers are really for defense or public safety.
Imam with this new equipment, is the purpose of through to the DCRI's sermon filtering operation of "fire" to regain full freedom of speech of the sermon, the French soil, always happen in Arabic is Arab mosque, Turkish mosque held by the turks, Urdu for afghans, Persian for iranians, etc. These non-native sermons make it difficult to monitor religious discourse, especially when they are inflamed and threaten the country's security.
As we know, the mosque is infusion and donde interference suitcase fiefs of Muslim radicalization, incubator for terrorists, and prisons and Internet, internal security department traced mujahideen difficulties in the future.





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