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2007-04-18 18:18
Can´t take my mind off you.

What is it that is driving me so mad?

I can't take my mind off you!

I just can't stop, I can't do anything only because I'm thinking of him all the time. It feels like as if I pierced my heart with a dagger. I'm confused, I just don't get it - I'm the one who told him the bad news and it feels as if he told me some, too ... He's so far away and I can't reach him, I weep but this doesn't bring him back.

It's like he has gone forever and every time this thought appears in my mind, I feel deep sorrow. My only wish is to look into his eyes, the strong desire just to be close to him.

I am definitely going mad.

All I feel capable of is sitting and staring at the wall.

Please, please make this pain go away



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2007-04-18 18:18